S.F.U doing what they do best...


S.F.U are a punk band formed in Dublin in July 2010 and by November they ware giging anywhere that would have them, they have shared the stage with such bands as Paranoid Visions, Menace, Slaughter Hill, The Dubtones, and Choking Susan, and have been discribed as a cross between early Exploited and Discharge, so if you like fast and angry punk then get to the next S.F.U gig, there is bound to be one near you soon. S.F.U are Emma /vocals, Fayzer / drums, Martin / bass, b,vocals, and Trev / guitar, b,vocals... All of the boys have been in punk bands before, Trev was in a band with Deko (Paranoid Visions) called The Examples, Martin was in a couple of bands in Czechoslovakia where he is from, and Fayzer was in Skint. The band will be doing a demo soon and hopefully after xmass they will be starting work on an album...

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