Retarded Cop 134

Spawned in the more psychedlic recess of the febrile and fertile the mind of Dublin's Gaz Le Rock,Retarded Cop first appeared on Youtube,in late 2010, as a series of home produced music videos. The music leaned towards indie pop despite Gaz's pedigree in punk bands and the simple style and catchy hooks ensured a lot of views. By Jan 2011 there were more than an albums worth of videos up and Gaz decided to gather a bunch of musicians from the Dublin punk world and form a band ,using the Retarded Cop name. Before the band played their first show in April, they had recorded their album "You Have The Right To Remain Retarded" in The Hive Studios. All live shows to date (late June 2011) have been to capacity audiences and the band's popularity reaches beyond Ireland. Retarded Cop played on the Crawdaddy Stage at 9.45 on the Saturday night of Electric picnic 2011. In Ocyober 2011 three members of Retarded COp left the band but Gaz le Rock has plans to relaunch with a new Line up in early 2011