Hardcore Galway 027
A fiery collective of absurdity and madness, rolled into a rock’n’roll machine of power. Moutpiece formed as a three piece around the dawn of the new millennium in order to right many of the then current wrongs on the Dublin rock scene. Namely a lack of high octane punk rock and roll.

Loud, fast, obnoxious bursts of guitar fuelled mayhem, the band was formed by Gazzy Wazzy of some of Dublin and New York’s finest musical spectacles, The Yank of the country that dare not speak its name and Tommy Trousers whose many musical accomplishments warrant too much space to be afforded here. Gigs and tours followed. As did the addition of second guitarist Conzo, fresh off a very very long stint at the helm of Dublin legends Female Hercules. Armed with a blistering bag of riffs and a voracious thirst for everything, they set off on the road. Tours of Holland, Ireland and festival appearances ensued and Moutpiece was brought to the masses, who enjoyed it immensely.

Their debut album of instant rock classics, the cover of which bears a stunning shot of a man in his jocks in the north inner-city, on a rainy Tuesday evening, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Eoin Whitfield and James Eager in the Hive Studios in Kilcoole Co. Wicklow. It is available in all reputable Dublin record shops as well as most decent gigs the lads are at whether they are playing it or not.(from the bands Facebook page)


Gazz leRock

Guitar vocals



Tommy Trousers