It's difficult to describe Mongohorn and 'the web' doesent hold much info, however this clip from the pages of the excellent website,give a flavour of what you might expect if you went to see them live

"After that comes Mongohorn. The band are famed for their onstage antics, which recently led to them being banned from Whelan’s for lewd conduct/nearly burning the place down. By comparisons, tonight’s show is slightly more tame, apart form one incident involving a bit of arse-baring and the rogue finger of vocalist Eddie Murder. Still though, it’s a good show, the band delivering an energetic blend of old school punk yet happy to play the court jesters, while special mention should go to wisecracking guitarist Andy Byrne, who proves to be a genuinely hilarious man."


Eddie Murder


Moe Curtain


Baz Black


Andy Byrne



Tar and Feathers

12 track CD Album 2008

Got No Balls

CD Album 2011

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