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Filthy Angels formed in early 2009. Consisting of brothers Matty James and Philthy, alongside angry punker Johnny Danger and drummer Oi! Oi! Eden Ralph. The Angels play their own refreshing brand of punky rock n' roll, with a strict ‘don’t bore us.. get to the chorus’ ideal.

Taking inspiration from Ramones, Johnny Thunders and The Wildhearts, the Angels blast out memorable hooks and sing along choruses, all delivered with a drunken, gutter dog swagger. They made their live debut that same year, releasing a limited edition single to mark the occasion which sold out that same night.


Matty James

Bass, Vocals


Guitar, Vocals

Johnny Danger


Oi Oi Eden



Destroy/Lie Down and Die

Limited Edition(50) 2 track CD single. released to coincide with debut show in Enniskillen March 13th 2009

Cant Go Home

Single/video released on free download at