Cork and stuff 033 (2)
...... ...... Crúibín.... What can i say? Born out of the Rebel County Drunk Punx in 2007 as sumit to do to drown out the bordem,that never amounted to much other than getting extreemly drunk and falling over alot until half way through 2009 when we got it together, Crúibín slowly became a dedicated true to the roots streetpunk band,with influance from MOTORHEAD,GBH,THE EXPLOITED,THE CLASH,THE CASUALTIES,RUNNI'N RIOT,STREET DOG'S,RANCID, AND MANY OTHER'S. Crúibín are a rough around the edges no frill's Oi punk band, with hard hitting slum life song's. ......From the bands Myspace page!&nbsp

They're deadly live! Best Oi! in the south of Ireland>