Anal Seepage
Anal Seepage (Pronounced A-nal C-paage)

A quartet comprised of Patrick (T-Shock) Toeben on Guitar + Vocals, Cavid Dashen on Drums, Fack Jitz on Vocals and Shane De-Longshanks on Bass.

Former Members:

Danny Kelly (vocals)

Andrew Kelly (Bass)

(punk/rock/post punk) Formed in 2006, this Laois band appeared regularly at underground shows, notably The Shack (Mountrath), The Tavern (Carlow) and The Music Factory (Carlow) between 2006 and 2008. The band have returned after a 3 year hiatus with a performance at The Shack (Mountrath)

The band recorded and released a five track E.P. entitled Doin' It For The Kids in 2008. /analseepages


Cavid D


Shane De-L


Fack J


Patrick T-Shock


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