Skintown 5 092
Past Members

Derek O'Neill


Trev Ward


Ray Good


Jim Mellow Dramatic

The Lobotomies Drummer has on occasion filled on drums with 20 BE


Make Your Stand

6 track EP ,2004

Split CD with Mellow Dramatic (N.I.)


Lost Causes

CD Album 2006

The Incompetence To Follow

5 track EP 2008

A Glorious and Bloody Revolution

Digital release on July 11th 2011 with the CD and Vinyl albums released in August 2011

Current Members

Gareth Cummins


Gavin Husselbury


Ciaran Mangan


Paul Duffy


20 Bulls Each were formed in early 2002 in Dublin, Ireland.The band have never supported Machine Head and have no inclination to do so. They HAVE played with Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Boysetsfire, Therapy?, H20 and a ton of other bands though. They are signed to Thorp Records in the USA.

The band have toured all over Ireland, England and have toured the USA several times.

The band are known for mixing punk, hardcore and metal and their sing along choruses.

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